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Page 1

Above the Clouds & Struggles
Adventure in Your Eyes
A Glory Day's End
All I Can Say Is Thank You
Alone In My Thoughts
Am I Beyond God's Grace
A Mother's Love Is Precious
A Place To Let It All Go
A Powerful Love He Offers
Are You Empty
Are We Heading To The Light
Are You A Dreamer
Arms Full Of Past
A Rose Just To Say
A Sprinkling of Blessings
At The Top Of the Stairs
Autumn Stroll
Awakened In Love
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Walk
Beauty Of His Creation
Because Of His Love
Becoming a Butterfly
Bedtime Story With Friends
Behind Every Cloud
Believe in the Angel Inside
Best Friend
Beyond Expectations
Big Boy Shoes
Blessing of Friendship

Page 2

Blowing Butterflies
Burdens Of Life
Butterfly Grove
Butterfly Light
Butterfly Reflection
By Your Side
Calm Of The Storm
Camelot Tales
Can I Dream
Can You See Me
Can We Find Real Peace
Castle In The Sky
Cat Napping Is What We Do
Cats In Hats
Caught In A Downpour
Caught In A Fairytale Dream
Challenges, Beauty and Moonlight
Changed By The Power Of God
Chasing Rainbows
Cherry Blossom Lullaby
Childhood Lost
Close Your Eyes and Relax
Colors Inside
Colors Of Autumn
Come to the Forgiveness Ball
Copy Cats Are Boring
Cosmic Sky

Page 3

Created Amazingly
Cupid's Wish
Dance, Dance, Dance
Dance Like No One Is Watching
Darkness vs Light
Dawn's Call
Dear Santa
Demons Inside
Don't Lock Away Your Dreams
Don't Lose Your Purr
Don't Miss The Rainbow
Don't Worry About Tomorrow
Dove Of Peace
Do You Believe In Wishing Wells
Dreams Of Flying
Dreams Are Made For Living
Dreams Can Change
Dreams n The Night
Dreams Or Reality
Edge Of Forever
Edge Of The Universe
Elusive Butterfly Of Happiness
Empty Spaces
Endless Amounts Of Love
End Of The Rainbow
Enjoy The Ride
Escape or Nap
Eternity In Our Hearts

Page 4

Everyday Heroes
Every Dreams Comes With Wings
Everyone Needs Love
Everyone Should Have a Purpose
Everyone Wants In The Picture
Everyone Needs A Big Hug
Eye Of God
Eyes Are Watching
Eyes For You
Fabled Mind
Fairytales and Castles
Fairytale with Wings
Fairy Wonderful Place
Faith Allows
Fantasies and Dreams
Fantasy Land
Far Away Dreams
Far From The Maddening Crowd
Father's Stride
Faith Grows As You Understand
Father You Are Amazing
Feel You Can Fly
Fill Me With Wonder
Fireflies Fill The Air
Fire In The Night Sky
Fly Again
Following Jesus Takes Heart
Foolish Games
For All The Times You Are Down

Page 5

Forever Young
Forgiveness Is Not Easy
Found In Him
Four Cats I See
Freedom Flower
Freedom Soars On Wings Of Heroes
Freedom To Soar
Free Hugs
Frozen Rose
Garden Of Imagination
Get Your Life On Track
Give Me Father
God Does Nothing Without Purpose
God Loves Us So Much
God's In Control
God's Plan, Our Plan
God's Son
God's Too Good To Me
Going For A Ride
Going Home
Golden Rays Of Wonder
Gone Crazy
Got Any Catnip
Grab A Little Magic
Greatest Of These Is Love
Handiwork Of The Master
Hand Of God
Hang Your Own Stars
Happy Endings
Happy New Year

Page 6

Hard Day?
Have We Made Life A Race
He'll Come Near
Headed Toward The Light
Hear Him In The Wind
Hearts Are Made For
Hear You Roar
Heavenly Father
Heaven's Open Door
Heaven's Filtered Rays of Sun
He Came
He Gives Me What I Need
He Gives
He Is Risen
He Lights Up The Sky
He Gives What We Choose
Hell's Fury
Helping Friends
Helping Us Through The Storms
Helpless In The Storms
He Makes Things Beautiful
He Owes Us Nothing, But
Here's To Blowing Bubbles
He Roars
He's There With A Hug
He Is Always There
He's My Anchor
He's Our Light
He Stayed
He's There

Page 7

He Will Provide
Sometimes We Want To Hide
High Heel Dreaming (For Ladies)
Hi Neighbor
His Beauty Shines Through
His Brightest Stars
His Death Darkened The Sky
His Love Casts Out Fear
His Love Is Unending
His Only Crime Was His Love
How Does God Guide Us
Howl At The Moon
Highway To The Sky
I Am Yours
I Can Fly
I Can't Look
I Don't Know
If Life Is About Winning
I Have No Control
I'm Here
I Look And Wonder
In A World Of Black n White
In His Hands
In Love We Salute You
In My Dreams
Inside Your Soul
Inspiring Survivors To Believe
In The Palm Of His Hand
In Your Arms
Is Change A Bad Word?

Page 8

Is It Christmas Yet?
Isn't Every Day Valentine's Day
It Came From A "Big Bang"?
I've Finally Made It Home
I've Seen Him
I Was Only Dreaming
I Wish For You
Join In The Fun
Journey Of Love
Joys Of Life
Just Dance
Just For Me
Just Keep Paddling
Keep Smiling
Keep Your Eyes On Me
Kicked Over The Side
Kids In Love
Kiss Of The Sun
Ladder To The Moon
Lady Of Light
Learning To Relax
Left Alone With Regret
Left Out In the Cold
Lessons To Learn
Less Traveled Road
Let God Be God
Let God Love You
Let Him Amaze You
Let Him Show You Something New
Let It Go To Him

Page 9

Life Can Make You Dizzy
Life Is A Climb
Life Is Full Of Rivers
Life Full Of Words and Thoughts
Life Is Like A Garden
Life Is Made For Dancing
Life Is Not A Race
Life Is A Merry-Go-Round
Life's A Reflection
Life's A Ferris Wheel Ride
Life's Journey
Life's Not A Game
Life's Not Fair - Praise God
Life's Pathway
Life's Rollercoaster Ride
Life's Story
Lighted Night
Lightning In The Meadow
Light Up The Night
Light Your Own Stars
Like Being In A Dream
Like Catching A Falling Star
Like The Wings Of An Angel
Lines Of Communication
Little Angel
Little Boy Dreams
Little Eyes Are Always Watching
Little Pink Angel
Live Life With Arms Wide Open

Page 10

Living Rescue
Living Short Of Perfection
Living Water
Long Eared Adventure
Looking At Life
Lost In Magic
Love Complete
Love Everyone?
Love Is In The Air
Love Is Like Music
Love Like Jesus
Love Of Father and Son
Love's The Heart Of The World
Love Will Get You Through
Made 2 Soar
Magical Adventure
Magical Sound Of Laughter
Magical Wonder
Magic In Our Hands
Magic Inside
Magic Of Contentment
Magic Of Fall
Magic Of A Butterfly
Magic Of Youth
Make Some Magic
Make Your Day
Man In The Moon
Many Colors Hidden Inside

Page 11

Masterpiece For Me
Master's Touch
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas To You
Message From Heaven
Message In A Bottle
Message Of Love
Milk Makes Me Smile
Missing Pieces
Miss Liberty
Mistakes Made Only If We Try
Moments Of Peace
Moments With Your Child
Moon Dust and Magic
Moon In A Restless Sky
Moon Rider
Mother Nature's Touch
Moving Mountains
Music In The Air
Music Of Life
Music, Sound Of Feelings
Merry Christmas Wishes
My Prayer Is To Fly Above
Natural Inspiration
Need A Little Light
Needed: Hands & Hearts
Need Something Sweet
Never Ending Falls
Never Ending Kiss

Page 12

Never to Late to Try Again
Never Walk Alone
New Set Of Wings
No Change, No Butterfly
No Darkness Is Too Great
Not Just A Pretty Face
Not A Day At The Beach
No Time To Smell The Roses
Not In Kansas Anymore
No U Turn
Old Doesn't Mean . . .
Once Upon A Wintery Morn
On Dreams
One is Born, One Dies
Only Day We Have Is Today
On The Edge
On The Edge Of Forever
On The Wings Of A Dove
Our Dreams or God's Dreams
Our Guiding Light
Our Journey
Our Journey Is Short, Enjoy It
Our Spirit Longs For Him
Our Star Spangled Song
Our Sun Is Going Down

Page 13

Our Unsteady Footprints
Over The Rainbow
Paint A Little Sunshine
Painted Sunset
Pals and Best Friends
Path To NoWhere
Proud as a Peacock
Peaceful Feelings
Perfect Child
Play In The Clouds
Playing Cat and Mouse
Play Me A Lullaby
Pleasures Of Life
Power Of Creation
Power Of Love
Promise Of The Rainbow
Rainbow Mind
Rainbows and Yellow Brick Roads
Rainbows Only Come After Storms
Rainy Day Prayer
Ray Of Light
Reaching For The Sun
Reading A Scarlet Sky
Read Me Another Story
Reaper Will Have To Wait
Recaptured Innocence
Read Headed Warrior
Reflection Of Him

Page 14

Reflection Of Royalty
Ride Off Into The Sunset
Right Attitude
Ripples In Time
Rising From Darkness
Rudderless Boat
Running Around
Sailing Into The Sunset
Sailing On The Clouds
Seasons Of Life
Serenity Filling My Spirit
Set Free
Sexy and Fun In Black and White
Shadow Of The Milky Way
Shake Off The Cobwebs and Shine
Share Your Dreams
Sharing The Light
Sharing The Magic
Sharing Your Heart's Lullaby
She's Going Home
Shooting Star
Silver Lining In Someone's Cloud
Simple Peace Of Mind
Sing Me Home
Sink Or Swim
Sky Cannot Hold His Power
Slaying The Dragon
Story Of The Soaring Hawk
Son Colored Glasses

Page 15

Son Filters Through
Song In My Heart
Spirit Of Spring
Spirit Within
Splendors Of Heaven
Spread Your Wings
Standing On The Edge Of Time
Storm Clouds Roll In
Storms Not An Option, Fear Is
Storms Of Life
Sunny Day
Sunsets Of Life
Sun's Still There
Symbol Of Freedom
Symphony Of Joy And Hope
Take Another Turn
Take In All Of His Glory
Take Me Back
Take Me Back To Childhood
Taste Of Paradise
Teach Your Children To Fly
Teach Your Children
Thankful For Autumn Colors
Thank You For The Inspiration
The Beast
The Black Sheep
The Butterfly Knows
The Father Promised
The Happier Life

Page 16

The Heaven's Declare His Glory
The Most Important Is
The Only Light Around
The Puzzle Called Life
There Are Gives and Takers
There's Magic In Her Touch
The Road
Thoughts Of Sunset
To Laugh Or Cry
To Touch Someone
Trust His Love
Trust Him In The Storm
Umbrella In The Storm
Up, Up and Away
Valentine's Day
Walking Into The Sunset
Warm Hearted Memories
Warm Purring Snuggles
Warm Sunshine
Was It Something I Said
We Are Never Alone
We Can Do It Together
We Only Have Today
We Will Finally Be Free
What An Amazing Father I Serve
What Angels Are Made For
What If You Were Given Wishes
What Waits For Me In Heaven

Page 17

What Is Wrong With My Wing
What You Learned In The Light
When Butterflies Loose Their Flight
When I Grow Up
When The Clouds Roll In
Where Are You Headed
While The Mother Weeps
Why Are We Put On Earth
Wild Horses
Winds Of Good Intentions
Wings Of An Eagle
Wings Of His Spirit
Wings Of Imagination
Wings Of Peace
Wings Of Reflection
Wings To Help Me Fly
Winter's Matchless Splendor
Winter's Reflection
Wonders Of The Starry Night
Words Can Come Like Daggers
World Full Of Curious People
World On Your Shoulders
Writer's Pen
Written In His Blood
You Don't Believe Me
You Just Need A Push
Your Friend I Am
You Want To Hug Me

New 1

A Cat, A Laugh And Pure Enjoyment
Always Headed Home
Always Pain In Life
Americans Are Like Eagles
Are We In A Fog?
Are We There Yet?
Autumn Reflections
Beyond Our Understanding
Bring On The Spring
Burdens Of Life
Called To Be Servants
Can't Stand The Rain
Can't Wait To Hug The Father
Dogs In A Chair
Don't Wait For The Storms To Pass
Doorway To Life
Dragonfly Magic
Father's Are . . .
Forever In The Father's Embrace
For Jesus To Save Me
Got Milk?
Grabbing A Hold Of The Son
How Do We Get To Heaven?
I Got In Trouble
In The Still Of The Night
I See You
Is Jesus The Answer?
Lightning Dances Over The Canyon
Lost In A Fairy Tale
Love Paints Lives With Color
More Bridges, Less Walls
Not Living Like The World

New 2

Of All The Words
Once Upon A Time
One Moment, On Step, One Choice
Over Yonder Where Dreams
Pain In Humor
Refreshing Grace
Real Happiness
Sometimes We Need A Bridge
Taught To Fly
The American Way
Traveling At The Speed Of Light
The Father's Love
Tiny, Midnight Raid
Turn Back The Clock
Washed Clean
We Leave Behind A Trail
We Need A Shepherd
What Do I Get Out Of It?
What Is Faith?
What Nightmares Are Made Of
When I Say I Love The Father
When My Daddy's Hugging Me
When Truth Becomes Lies
Who Are We?
Why Would He Show His Power?
Wishing On A Dragonfly Star
With Gratitude And Amazement
Wonders That Fill My Soul
Words And Thoughts
World Turned Upside Down

Into Her Darkness

Always Be There
At Last I Know I Belong
At Sunset
A Wonderful Friend
Beyond The Blue
Catch Me If I Fall
Come Take My Hand
Finally Made It Home
First Time
I Can Only Hide
I Know I Can Fly
I'll Be There
I Miss You
I Never Asked For Rainbows
Into The Shadows
I Want To Believe
Maybe You Can't Save Me
My Kingdom
My World Of Blue
Over The Rainbow
Paint By Number Dreams
Somewhere In My Wildest Dreams
Stairway To Heaven
Take Me Away On Melody's Wing
The Rainbow Comes
Until There Are None
Warm Sunshine
Watch Over Me
You Are My Favorite Thing
You Never Went Away
You Slipped Away