Her journey seems like it has lasted forever and all she wants to do is go home. She has been through hell, but now feels like she is finally headed in the right direction, finally headed home. She has struggled with the pain, the doubt, and the shame when it seemed there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Now she sees the light, the blue skies and the wonderful colors of a new world.

At the end of a very dark tunnel
Or when my road has been too rough
When the storms have left me beaten
And I want to shout, "enough"
When all my prayers seem unanswered
When my eyes are filled with tears
When I need someone to hold me
Who will be able to calm my fears?
When the touch of friends and family
And a hug is what I need,
When the safety of their presence
Can provide a special seed
To chase away the demons
And give me strength to stand
And the push that I am needing
When they tell me that I can.
When I feel so tired and weary
And in darkness too long have roamed
I look forward to the feeling
When I've finally made it home.
.........................................a soaring angel

You can see a smile on her face when she thinks about home, when she thinks about the transformation she has made. She wonders how she made it through and what is yet to come. She smiles when she thinks of the friends who have been there for her even when she hid in the shadows. Those who made her smile when all she could do was cry. Those who believed in her even when hope was the farthest emotion from her heart. She feels like she has finally been welcomed home and knows at last she belongs.

The breeze whispers my name
And the stars twinkling too
In the moonlight wishes are granted
And a wonderful dream's come true.
My heart's full of unspoken joys
Laughter is seen on my face
The fantasy has finally come true
I am alive in this beautiful place.
There's trust and love all around
A heavenly melody fills the air
The sun rises on a brand new day
With all the hugs I could possibly bear.
Where nightmares are all traded in
For dreams and peace and sleep
Where love casts out all fears
And all of it is mine to keep.
Where this angel who once was alone
Now on mended wings so strong
Soars, my heart filled with love
And at last I know I belong.
..............................a soaring angel



Chapter 26 - "Light Of A New Day"


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