Evil came into my world

Painted everything black

Love Wrapped me in it's arms

And brought the colors back.

You took my wounded heart

And made it whole again,

You took my broken wings

And showed them how to mend.

The wonderful colors of life

And feelings I could not share,

Finally were all set frree

As an answer to my prayers.

Reflections of my innocence

Have long been taken away

Essences of my dreams

Have been tinted an eternal gray.

All the pieces of my heart

That were shattered on the floor

Have all been gathered together

But will never be the same as before.

All the secret hiding places

Between the darkness and the light,

And the echoes of my soul

Chasing the shadows of the night.

It's all brought new beginnings

In my heart and in my soul,

Reflecting the strength I've gained

And the mysteries that make me whole.

Yes, there will still be rain

And even clouds in my siy

But love has healed my wings

And I know that I can fly.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a soaring angel


The End


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