The adopted color of her kingdom became blue and her favorite, cobalt blue. Blue, the color of the sky that held all her twinkling friends and also the color of her private playground, the sea. Maybe even the color of her spirit moving in and out of the shadows of her castle. Above her castle was the kingdom flag, waving in the wind with its cobalt blue background and a single faded star.

My world
Colored in blue
Covered in blue
Dark blue
Cobalt blue
Like the vastness of the sky
The emptiness of space
Blue stretching forever
Like the deepest sea
Shadowy depths
Dark blue
Darker blue
Darkest blue
My heart
Outlined in blue
Surrounded by blue
Filled with blue
Like a haunting melody
Coloring my world
Blue abused angel

Although all the different facets of the color blue intrigue her, sometimes it seemed overwhelming when she is shrouded in the darkest shadows of blue. It is like she was traveling through the cobalt darkness of space, as in some shadowy Alice in Wonderland dream. Flying at light speed where everything around her seems a unique blur, yet she feels like she is standing still. She stands on her spinning world with a blue whirlwind whipping everything around her, as in a blue dream or a darker blue nightmare.

There are so many variations and shades of blue, all unique and all hers. Each one bringing with it a rainbow of emotions, thoughts, and memories coloring a different part of her sight, her heart, and her spirit.

Shades and hues
Thoughts and emotions
Melodies and Rhymes
Blue Birds and blues skies
Take my spirit away
Depths of the sea
Like the depths of my soul
Tones of blue
Thundering waterfall
Like tears falling
To my rumbling heart below
Misty colored memories
Tinting my eyes to the truth
Shades and hues
Of Blue abused angel

The color blue has a unique way of calming her, like the tranquility of the ocean. As the waves come in, they touch her soul, washing away the weariness in her heart, magically and therapeutically caressing her spirit. She loves her beautiful color blue so much. There are so many beautiful shades, so many melodies of emotions and for her enchanted kingdom, so many dreams. Perhaps of a handsome sailor, who from before the beginning of time was meant to be hers?

Beyond the blue horizon
On the crystal clear azure sea,
By the light of the pale blue moon
Comes the sailor of my dreams.
Sails billowing in the wind
Following my star,
From before eternity
His eyes twinkle.
As does the dark blue skies
Of my universe,
Of the special love
Beating within my heart
Soaring on my spirit,
Longing to escape from my dreams
To surround this ocean mate
Anchored deep against the storms
And sail into forever,
Beyond the blue horizon
On the crystal clear azure sea
By the light of the pail blue moon.
.an abused angel

Her beautiful color could also represent "the blues", a depressed time of darkness in her life. Maybe part of the fascination was it described so well this overwhelming emotion in her. A depressing song you could only hum because the words brought such pain. A melody so haunting it reaches deep into her lost soul and her crushed spirit.

Oh my blue friend
Or are you my friend
If so why do you bring me pain
Why do I feel your waves
Washing over my soul
Crashing against my spirit
Overwhelming me
Until I can't breath
Sucking the life out of me
As I drown in your darkness
As I fight your haunting melody
Paralyzing me as some evil piped piper
Bent on bringing me destruction
.an abused angel

She lives in her kingdom of blue, of oceans and skies both calming and haunting crowned with a flag with a faded star. The beautiful color she loves and yet with a uniquely depressing way brings her world to a standstill. Everything is blue from the blood flowing through her veins and her blue heart to her fathomless blue Atlantic and even her deep blue love. A world of blue, her world, blue and empty.


Chapter 8 "Empty"


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