She needs to get out of her dreams and reconnect, reconnect with people, reconnect with reality, reconnect with life. She seeks a special person, a special friend, a special heart to help her reconnect. She cries out for someone to shed some light on her darkness, give her courage to come out of the shadows, and show her happiness can really be her again.

Reconnect me with your life
connect your worlds to mine,
I won't float off into the oceans
while holding the life line.
Write me a love song
a sonnet, a tale...
Let me know what you are thinking
Let me know that you are well,
Send me whispers on the wind
Remind me that you are there.
Let me know that I am not alone
and that someone really cares,
The days are dark
The nights are long,
The world's upside down
and life feels wrong,
but death would be even blacker
forever would be broken.
So write me some poetry
as a small gift or token,
of the love that you've felt
or the need that you hold,
let me read your feelings
write it loud, write it bold.
Bare your soul to me
show me all your moods,
I am dehydrated and starving
your words will be my food.
Are there answers to my wishes
to my prayers, to my pleas
Is there someone out there
Who could love this wretched me? abused angel

She needs to know someone is out there, that she is not alone. She needs to hear a real voice and not just the echo of her thoughts, her screams, and her nightmares. She needs some light in the darkness, rights for the wrongs, and answers to her prayers. She needs to feel she is valuable, wanted, and loved. She needs to receive something personal, something from the heart, something special just for her. She needs someone to take her hand?

Baby, come take my hand
Sit with me my dear,
Let us talk of life
And let me hold you near.
I will sing you a song
Write a sonnet of my love,
Share a tale of an angel
Who soared in the skies above.
I will tell you what I'm thinking
But it's mostly about you,
I hear your name whispered on the wind
Feel it in everything I do.
Baby, you are never alone
I'm here because I care,
And to brighten up your world
There isn't anything I wouldn't share.
Let me hold you in my arms
And whisper in your ear,
The moaning of my heart
The words you need to hear.
I'll bare my soul to you
Feed your hunger deep inside,
Bring a smile to your heart
Until your magic no longer hides.
I will never again let you feel
Alone without me there,
Forgive me when I was
When there was darkness everywhere.
I'm here and I'll never leave
And your wishes I will respect,
Come sit with me my angel
Let you and I reconnect.
...a friend

What a difference a friend makes to reconnect us to life. She cannot navigate the storm filled oceans of life alone. Like each of us, she needs a friend, she needs someone who cares, who will chase the rainbows with her. She needs someone to gaze at the stars with, to walk in the moonlight, and to share her heart with. Like each of us, she needs someone who she can connect with, who will help her reconnect to life.

Somewhere in my wildest dreams
There is a special soul
Someone to connect with
A missing piece to make me whole.
The sharing of our hearts
Seems to come so easily
As if I'm looking in a mirror
To see another me.
Thoughts and feeling flow
Like a refreshing summer rain
Smiles and laughter replace
The places there are pain.
We open up our souls
And share our deepest thoughts
Feeling safe to work it out
Despite the baggage we have brought.
Not afraid to share or be
Honest in what makes us whole
Somewhere in my wildest dreams
We are connected soul to soul. abused angel

Yes, she needs to reconnect, to have a special connection in her life, but right now she knows it is still only somewhere in her wildest dreams.



Chapter 11 "The Child Inside"


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