The wonderful world of music is like a magical melodious elixir to help her sooth the wild beast. Like getting lost in a different dimension for but a few moments in time. It helps her deal with the demons, the roaring beast and gives her soul a little break.

Magic melodies come,
Sooth my troubled soul.
And the beast that prowls within,
That makes my life unwhole.
Lift my weary heart
From the darkness that I feel,
If only for some moments
Of peace that I can steal.
Let my spirit be lost
In the sweet melodies you bring,
Carried away on the wind
Again and again and again.
.. an abused angel

Music can change her mood with its floating and relaxing melody, sometimes the lyrics and sometimes the upbeat rhythm. She loves to escape into the enchanting world of music, like an alternative dream world in which she can escape.

Touch my heart
Touch my mind,
Give me wings
Help me find,
A moment's escape
A little delight,
Rays of sun
Rainbow's light.
Lift me up
Sing to me,
A song of love
Help me see,
Harmonious highlights
Only you can bring,
Take me away
On melody's wing. abused angel

Like dreams, music is an escape for her, a mood changer as it is with most of us. It has a seemingly magical power to lift her spirit, take her on its wing and whisk her off into another realm. She even lets herself get lost in the lyrics as they ride on the melody, weaving a story in her imagination. Fairy tales knit together in a melody, like a once upon a time, to sooth the wild beast.



Chapter 14 "Once Upon a Fairy Tale"


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