She loves fairy tales, "once upon a time", where risk is replaced with love and uncertainty by happily ever after. Wonderful stories of how love conquerors all and where the world is full of happiness. Where the skies are always filled with the warmth of the sun during the day and the twinkling stars at night. Good always overcomes evil and always rescues the Princess. Where once upon a time starts every magic tale that always has a happy ending.

Once upon a time
The magic tale begins,
A rainbow was seen
Without any rain.
Love and laughter
Filled the air,
There was no pain
No worries or cares.
Hearts were good
And the sun shone bright,
The moon and stars
Shone brightly at night.
Mystical kingdoms
Where a mermaid can swim,
In all of her beauty
In the oceans again.
Elusive and magical
Her tales of the sea,
Her heart is untouched
Where she'll always be free.
For she will never allow
Love to touch her heart,
Or of any Prince's kingdom
To ever be a part.
So once upon a fairy tale
Is the safest place to be,
Where all feelings are vanquished
And the mermaid is always free.
……………………an abused angel

The beautiful mermaid is elusive, mystical, magical, and perfect for dreams and fantasies. She is beautiful, mysterious, and very hard to capture. The mermaid can quickly and quietly disappear when someone is around. Retreating back into her kingdom, to the safety of silence and the freedom of not allowing her heart to be captured.

Fairy tales are also filled with bravery, honor, and dragon slayers.

In a kingdom not far away
With skies of endless blue,
Where in this land is found
Only what is good and true.
Brave knights to protect me
Riding on their steeds of white,
Armor gleaming in the sun
Willing all enemies to fight.
Armed with swords of virtue
And shields baring the star,
To which their honor and loyalty
Is known both near and far.
Battling evil in the name of duty
And dragons in the name of love,
Aim is sure and minds are clear
Protection sent from up above.
The demons of darkness are vanquished
And victory is the only sound,
In my kingdom there is no fear
For it is built on holy ground.
…………………………….an abused angel

Far away in the land of knights and dragons, chivalry and honor, lives a princess in her beautiful kingdom. Where knights gallantly come to the rescue of a damsel in distress, risking their lives to battle and slay the fire-breathing dragon, and carry her away to live happily ever after. In her dreams, her knight slays the dragons of her past, protects her heart from evil, and gives her love that lasts forever after.

Honor rides up on a trusty steed
Willing to stand
Willing to fight
Willing to die for the one he loves
Against the darkness
Against the enemy
Against the dragon
To claim her love
To fulfill her dreams
To bring her happily ever after
……………….. an abused angel

The great castle she lives in is the one of Sleeping Beauty. Is that a coincidence or not? Both imprisoned against their will, forced to live in some kind of dream world, but can they find the way out themselves? Can either sleeping beauty escape without help, without a white knight, or someone who believes in them? Can anyone help if the drawbridge to her heart is not allowed to be let down?

I am a prisoner
Within my castle walls
With no knight in sight
A fairy tale without a prince
The dragon stocks the hallways
I hear the roars of terror
I hear the screams of fear
The cries for freedom
Yet I can't let down the drawbridge
Or I won't
Can't remember . . .
………………… an abused angel

If her white knight came, would she let him in, could she let him it. Would he be brave enough, adventurous enough, and have a kind enough heart to slay the dragon of her past.

In my darkened caves of life
Full of lurking fear and doubt,
When my resolve has drained away
And I wonder what life's about.
When the fires have singed my spirit
And it seems I'm all alone,
My battles seem so overwhelming
As I stand to face the unknown.
I long to hear the welcomed hoof beats
Of my white knight coming again,
Who will not only go into battle
But is brave and determined to win.
With a blade to cut away the fear
And a spirit that won't be undone,
Battling the fiery face of evil
And for me to slay the dragon.
…………………… abused angel

If the dragons of her past are slain, (or at least dealt with) can the princess allow herself to live beyond her castle walls? Can she again believe there can be happiness outside her dreams.


Chapter 15 "Destiny and Soul Mates"


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