She has always had a passion for candles, for the flickering flame. It held an intimate fascination for her in many ways. In the darkness of her life she longed for the welcomed light, the friendly warm face of a friend to help chase away the shadows, the darkness, and the nightmares.

Light from a flicker flame
Dances on the wall
Shadows of our life
The voices we hear call.
Sometimes hiding in dark
Restless in the night
Seeking the flame of a candle
To shed a little light.
Searching for the fire
Needing its warm touch
To take away the nightmares
That's robbed me of so much.
Chase away the shadows
And all the demons that came
Please keep me till the morning light
Oh, Light from a flicker flame.
..an abused angel

Candles symbolized the emotions of romance and intimacy. The passionate flame of eternal love burning within the soul and illuminating her whole world.

Light from a flickering flame
Danced upon the wall
Creating an enticing world
To heed romance's call.
Flames inside are kindled
Hearts are set on fire
Love scents fill the air
Taking us higher and higher.
Every day is special
Each day I spend with you
Filled with love and touches
Filled with love and you.
For deep inside my heart
There's something I can?t tame
My love for you, started like
Light from a flickering flame.
.an abused angel

Candles are also like the fire that burns inside her, the passion to be held, to feel the pleasure of being lost in love. Feeling wrapped in the arms of love and feeling the fire being shared by two hearts. She wants to feel a fire of passion so hot, so complete that it leaves her in ashes.

You touch me inside
Like a flickering flame
So compelling
Drawing me
Into your fire
Opening your arms
Your heart
Pulling me in
Deeper and deeper
Setting my soul a blaze
With a passion
I've never felt
But needed
So complete
Until I am left in ashes
At your feet.
.an abused angel

She longed for, yet wondered if she would ever feel a passion this strong. What would it be like to experience a love like this, the kind only found in dreams? A love inspired from heaven, immersing the soul in pleasure, and the heart in sheer delight. A love so complete and so fulfilling that would leave her in ashes at his feet.

She loves candles, the flicker flame offered a light in the darkness, a guide in the wilderness, and an eternal flame of passion and love. Something her soul needs and hearts wishes for.



Chapter 19 "Wishes"

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