She awoke suddenly, eyes scanning the darkness that surrounded her.  Fear enveloped her like some captor squeezing every breath from her body.  He heart was beating wildly as the nightmare lingered like a thief who had just violated her.  Even though a light was on, she jumped from her bed, turning on more lights and fighting to shake loose this unwanted intrusion.  She sat back on the bed as tears streamed down her cheeks, fearing she would never be able to escape the darkness.  Looking around her room at all the lights that were already on and asked, "Would there ever be enough light to chase away this darkness?

Once upon a time
I believed in the light
A World filled with love
Of good and right.
Then the darkness came
And swallowed up the light
Took away the beauty
Took away my sight.
Crushed the good inside me
Turned my day to night
Dead within the darkness
Took away my fight.
Walking in a nightmare
No escape in sight
Will I ever again feel
The beauty of the light?

It seemed like in another life she was happy, loving and full of hope, or so she thinks it was her.  It seems so hard to really remember, to see anything else but this darkness.  She remembers the evil that brought this darkness, but can't dwell on it because it brings too much pain.  Anger then mixes with the pain and she fights to shut it out.  Though it was awhile back, it is as fresh, as devastating as if it happened yesterday.

I gave you love
you took my soul
brought me pain,
I'm no longer whole.
You deceived my heart,
mortally wounded my spirit
And robbed me of the ability to be happy.
You replaced love with fear,
joy with anger,
my life with nightmares.
.......................... an abused sou

Castle walls replaced her freedom and the pain became her captors, forcing her to hide in the shadows.  Taken away from her, as if imprisoned in the great tower out of touch were trust, peace, and love.  Like a stone angel she walked about this world, but she couldn't allow herself to feel, for feelings only brought her pain.  He whole world had turned black and she found herself in a castle without doors, a prison without a key, and a nightmare without an end.  Amidst the darkness surrounding her she had lost her direction, she had lost the light.



Chapter 2 " Deception, Loss, and Devastation”


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