She finally believes in herself and as she seeks the help she needs, to leave behind her world of darkness, to exorcise the demons inside, she once again seeks the freedom again to soar?


Hiding in the shadows
Just a thought away
Memories that haunt us
Strewn along life's way.
Skeletons in our minds
Fear and guilt and pain,
Locked inside our castle
Shackled by the chains.
Dragons attack from without
Demons these walls within
Stuck in a dungeon of darkness
Waiting for the light to shine in.
Seeking to lower the drawbridge
Unlocking the castle's door
Exorcisingng the evil spirits
Gaining freedom again to soar. angel longing to fly


It is hard for a fallen angel to believe again, but with help and support she can. Her broken wing, unused for so long can heal and become strong enough for her to fly again. She has been through the storms and darkness, struggled with the tears and nightmares, but now she believes the best is ahead as she once again learns how to fly.


I've been through storms and shadows
I've faced the darkness alone
I've struggled to find any meaning
I've sought to find the way home.
I've tried to heal my broken wing
I've longed to once again fly
If I could only let go of the memories
And forget the tears I've cried.
I've battled the nightmares at night
And sometimes wondered who would care
Yet the walls I've built around me
Kept me silent and unwilling to share.
Some days I would see the light
And some days the blueness of the sky
I felt the flicker inside me brightened
The belief I'd once again fly.
I feel my wings growing stronger
And I fight for the courage to believe
To escape the darkness around me
And the chains of being deceived.
Today I want more than to be
As I look into the vast blue sky
Believing the best is ahead
Right now I'm still learning to fly. angel longing to fly

Wings don't heal over night and when they heal it takes time and courage and practice to fly again. I guess most of us would say we are just learning to fly, but she is truly learning to fly again. She realizes she can't do it on her own and is so thankful to have someone there to catch her if she falls.


To spread my wings, to fly again
May cause some fear as I begin,
It's been awhile since I have tried
The darkness came, my courage died
I wonder, as my wings grow strong
Can I fly again, has it been too long?
I'm told I can, you believe in me
But there's fear inside you can not see
And yet there's times I think I can
Or at least I'd hope to fly again.
The skies of life are a wondrous blue
And adventures wait that are all brand new
I must believe, with courage inside
To spread my wings instead of hide
For the winds of life blow quickly by
And the hope inside becomes a lie
So I'll take the chance and risk it all
If you'll catch me if I fall.
................................ an angel longing to fly

It gives her the assurance, to have someone there to catch her if she falls. She wants to fly again and she's made up her mind that she will fly again. Relying on her courage, she is finally willing to take the risk, to spread her wings and fly above the pain until it is left far below her.

She longs to feel the wind beneath her wing, to soar into a blue skied future and to mend the wing of her broken dream. She wants to let everyone who has been through the struggles and nightmares she has, to know there is hope, and that they can fly again.


The blue sky awaits
I'll fly again
The dream's alive
And unbroken.
I'll spread my wings
And with courage soar
Won't be afraid
To try anymore.
Over the mountains
And over the seas
Spread my wings
Ride the breeze
Above the world
Above the pain
The pieces of my heart
Will be whole again.
Beneath my wings
The wind so strong
I'll fly on high
Where I belong. angel longing to soar


Chapter 25 "Home"


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