Somewhere over the rainbow, the beautiful place where her dreams go to play. A world full of spectacular colors and enchanting delights touching all of her senses. She loves to visit because it is a world where anything and everything can come true. A world where love and romance willingly takes her by the hand to share with her adventures among the stars. Over the rainbow is filled with magic carpet rides, moonlight, moments of innocence, and passion.

Some dreams are very special
A journey in the night
Filled with lots of colors
Filled with tasty delights.
Commanding all my senses
Deep inside my soul
Filling up my heart
Far beyond all my control.
And on the winds, a melody
So sweet and yet on wings
That all my passions awake
In the magical song it brings.
My excitement soars so free
As my body can feel the touch
Exciting every nerve
Building a feeling that's too much
Until it explodes in colors
And I feel a breathtaking glow
In an experience only found
Over the rainbow. abused angel

She loves all the colors of the rainbow and how they play with her emotions. The Yellow of warm rays of sun, the Green of life, the Red of passion, Purple of royalty, and her beautiful color of Blue. All together with each subtle shade and hue the rainbow creates a magical place.

Oh rainbow, teller of stories
Share with me your colors
Your magical shades and hues.
How they play within my mind and soul
Touching each one of my emotions.
The dazzling color of yellow
Bright and warm and uplifting
Shining light into my darkness.
And the delightful color of Orange
Sweet and brimming with life's flavor
Adding a special tang to life.
And nature's own color of green
Sustainer of life, survival
Bringing the meadows of life alive.
The heart felt color of red
Passion flowing through my veins
Carrying a river of love within me.
The royal color of purple
Giving worth and belief in self
And making me feel like a queen.
And then my beautiful blue
I truly love you the most
And though all the colors are my friends
You are my favorite.
Yet without all the shades and hues
And colors you have to offer
Oh rainbow you would not be complete
Thank you for sharing your colors
With me!
.an abused angel

Over the rainbow is a safe place she can go where wishes come true, where it is easy to believe, and where she feels a special joy. Can she ever feel all this in reality without relying on her over the rainbow world or will her world only be blue?


Chapter 7 "Blue"


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