There is a special place she loves to go to get away from the storms of her everyday life. The unique thing about this place is the beautiful lighthouse that stands on the cape, to her a symbol of help in the storms. She loves to sit there at night, beneath it and watch the light shimmering off the waves. Reminding her of a majestic savior searching for lost souls. Wishing there was a savior that could shed some light on her lost soul, someone to guide her through the storms to a safe harbor.

I love to go to the ocean
To a very special place
And hear the birds sing their song
Feel the sun upon my face.
Let the wind blow through my hair
Feel the sand beneath my feet
I know it's very special
Cause the waves they come to greet.
And here the sky is bluer
And the stars put on a show
With the magic of their twinkling
It's just for me I know.
But standing on the cape
Against the darkened sky
Is a lighthouse strong and brave
With it's light shining on high.
Shimming across the waves
On every darkened night
Like a guardian angel leading
Lost souls to her light.
I love to sit beneath
And watch this light of love
Shining from this majestic savior
As a messenger from above.
.. an abused angel

She longs for a messenger from above, a lighthouse to shine its saving light into her storm filled life and rescue her lost soul. On the storm tossed ocean of her life she struggles against the wind, the waves to keep her ship from breaking up against the rocks. She's been in this storm too long, fighting against the tempest and doesn't know how long her fragile ship can last. She searches for the lights, the harbor lights, and the safe lights of home.

The dark clouds fill my skies
The waves crash against my soul
And the storm howls at me
Or is that my screams I hear
As a sea of emotions out of control
Tossing my ship, my life about
Drowning in the chaos
Franticly searching for the shore
For the light of the harbor
For the safety of home
For your love.
I have been consumed by the storm
Swallowed in the darkness
Alone every day of my life.
Wondering where I belong
Searching for your love
Your light to lead me
Knowing I can't make it alone
Can't live without you
Without your light
To lead me home.
. an abused angel

In the middle of her storm she seeks the lights to lead her home, to the safety of his arms, his love. Each day she struggles against the storm and sometimes it is so hard she wants to let go. It seems she has battled forever and doesn't know how long she will have the strength to stay afloat. She needs his light, his love to save her, yet would she accept it? Even if he braved the storm and came to rescue her, coming as a beacon of light to show her the way and throwing her a lifeline, would fear prevent her from grabbing the line? Would she sink back in the shadows and not allow herself to be rescued?

My strength and spirit are weak
Don't know how long I can hang on
It seems like my ship is going down
And the storms continue to wail
I need your light, your love
Are you out there
Will you come
When you come, be patience
For I have been in the dark too long
I have been alone too long
Will you come
Will you stay
I'm afraid you will not come
I'm afraid you will come
Will I hide
Yes I will hide
Maybe you shouldn't come
Maybe I can't be rescued
Maybe your love can't save me?. abused angel

What happens when the darkness is so great, the storms so damaging that she is unable to allow herself to be rescued? She needs a light in the storms, a savior to rescue her, but would she be willing.



Chapter 10 "Reconnect"


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