Poetry Page 8

Love And Light

Love Complete

Love Everyone?

Love Implies Actions

Love In His Eyes

Love Is Like Music

Love Isn't

Love Like He Did

Love Them Like Jesus

Love Me Through It All

Love Moved First

Love Of Father And Son

Love Others As I Love You

Love Paints Lives With Color

Love's Fire

Love Is The Heart Of The World

Love Will Get You Through

Love Your Enemies

Love With His Help

Love's The Light



Made For A Night Like This


Magic In Our Hands

Magic Inside

Magic Message Of The Dove

Magic Of Contement

Maker Of The Stars Knows My Name

Make Some Magic

Make Some Mistakes

Make Your Day

Man In The Moon

Man On The Middle Cross

Many Colors Hidden Inside

Map And Light For My Day

Masterpiece For Me

Master's Touch

May His Love Shine Through Us

May The Dove Of Peace Take Flight

May The Lord Give You Peace

Meiko's My Name

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas To You

Message From Above

Message In A Bottle

Message Of Love

Milk Always Makes Me Smile

Miracles Don't Produce Faith

Missing Pieces

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